Webinar: Apps for Professional Development

Apps for Professional Development

December 15, 2011 | Webinar

Apple’s iOS devices have many amazing applications including being a great platform for professional learning! John Sowash (fearless leader at Sowash Ventures) was asked by the Epiphany Management Group to provide customized training for St. Albert the Great School in┬áNorth Royalton, Ohio based on their need to help teachers learn more about using their iPads and iPod touches.

The educators attending this webinar were newcomers to iOS devices. Some had access to iPads while others had iPod touches. This webinar, part of a series focused on getting more out of iOS devices, focused on Apps to provide professional learning opportunities for Educators.

John shared his some of his favorite Apps with the group, including Quick Office HD, Twitter, Dragon Diction, Dropbox, and Flipboard. After the webinar John also followed up by participating with the St. Albert social network using the Schoology Platform. To view John’s list of Apps for Professional Development, click here.

John is available to provide personalized professional development for your school or organization. From iPads to Google Apps to the Flipped Classroom, John will work with you to provide maximum value and engagement with your staff. Click here to contact John.